The Immigration Act of 1924

President Coolidge signs the Immigration Act of 1924

President Coolidge signs the Immigration Act of 1924

The Immigration of 1924 did limit immigration from Baltic and Slavic nations as an intended action to limit the influx of Anarchists and other social ideas that were contradictory to the ideals and beliefs of The United States. But remember something – history is strange, it won’t give us what we want. If your reading of history matches up 100% with your political positions, it’s unlikely that you have either read the entirety of the matter, or that you are interpreting it without injecting your own biases.

This is where the Godfather went off track today – he didn’t read the whole thing when it came to the Immigration act of 1924.

First off, it did NOT end ALL immigration to the US from 1924 to 1965. It limited it from specific areas, which did NOT include the Western Hemisphere. In other words, immigration from Mexico and other Nations South of the border was essentially unaffected. Other issues would come into play regarding immigration from Mexico, and those issues are not unlike today’s issues of cheap labor and drugs, specifically marijuana.

Secondly on the 1924 Immigration Act, immigration from Asia was all but banned. The intent was to eliminate Chinese immigration which was seen as a threat to American jobs, again, through cheap labor practices which mirror today’s farming practices.

But the ultimate effect in the far east was political. America was no longer seen as a shining beacon on hill, a place to go to better oneself and achieve more than could be achieved in Asia. Now it was seen as bigoted, xenophobic and condescending. And the biggest problem was that was now used as a political tool to portray America as an enemy, not a friend, by those who needed a focal point for their own political goals and power.

And two countries that had been great friends, America and Japan, became instead, the most bitter of enemies.

When we discuss and debate the Syrian Refugees, we must keep in mind that the ISIL wants us to not admit them, and ultimately our decision one way or another may be that we are playing into the hands of ISIL…

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