Constitution Thursday – Why a Bill of Rights?

bill_of_rights_scrollJohn DeWitt issues his second letter, in which he begins to get to the details of issues over which he is concerned about the proposed Constitution. Later, Hamilton, writing as Publius, will answer the objection to the lack of the Bill of Rights in Federalist #84.

But both arguments should remind us of one important historical fact: that the Bill of Rights was, in essence, given to us by people who objected to the general functions of the proposed Constitution.

Even today, on a College Campus in Columbia, MO, we see what is, in effect, the exact same argument from all those years ago. Should there be a central basically unrestrained government with the power to command the citizenry, or should that strong central government have limits placed upon it to protect precious rights which are necessary for liberty?

The answer to us today seems clear. We venerate and honor our Bill of Rights. But the argument isn’t always so clear cut, and the issue not always… black and white…

Extra Reading: Hamilton’s “The Continentalist #1”

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