Tough Choices

SyrianWhether you are pro-France or one of those folks who demand equal time for Beirut, there is a serious concern here that should be addressed by pretty much every country in the world – why are Syrian passports being acceptable at all? Given the requirements that have been imposed to get a legitimate Syrian Passport, the fact is that the Syrian Passport has become the worlds leading fake passport in recent months.

It appears that Germany may have stopped some of the attack in Paris when it stopped and intercepted a man from Montenegro – allegedly on a Syrian Passport – who was carrying a cache of arms and had Paris programmed into his GPS.

In September of 2014, President Obama announced a strategy to “degrade and destroy ISIL.” Given the massive amount of Air Power and tactical intelligence available to the US, why is there anything left for Russia and now France, to bomb at all?

How does one tell the difference between a peasant and an enemy soldier? You might think it’s obvious, but in the heat of battle, it isn’t so much as you would think. So how do we separate the terrorists from the actual “refugees?” It isn’t going to be easy, and it means that there will be some choices to make. Tough choices.

But choices that may ultimately decide who lives and who dies.

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