At Least Somebody Showed Up

“Virtue in a republic is a most simple thing: it is a love of the republic; it is a sensation, and not a consequence of acquired knowledge: a sensation that may be felt by the meanest as well as by the highest person in the state.” – Monteesquieu

Measure-G-logo-smallFor the second time in two years, Modesto voters – at least the ones who bothered to show up yesterday – have rejected Der Mayor’s call for higher taxes and more spending. This time the measure got thumped, 56-44. Already Der Mayor has begun with the veiled threats and innuendo that this time he really means that there will be slashing and cutting retaliations. At least until he buddies in the MPOA and Fire Unions tell him to stop. Perhaps the most telling line from the article is the last one, in which candidates claim that voters were telling them that they simply do not trust City Hall with the money.

That is not likely to change even with three new Council Members being elected yesterday (Kristi Au You, Mani Grewal and Doug Ridenour), as most of the new comers are seen as “insiders,” likely to buddy up with Unions and developers over voters. Whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen. But the fact is that the Council of the last four years – and even before that – has given voters all over the area reason after reason to not trust them.

And given some of the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes in the attempt to extort ever more money from those who do business in Modesto, it’s not hard to believe that in two years, Modesto will be voting yet again on yet another general sales tax promising to make Modesto “safer.” Because “No” never means “No” to a politician with his or her hand reaching into your pocket.

We do have to talk about Voter Turnout as well… but at the same time, I truly believe that the reason these “off year” elections are even held, is to target certain voter blocks, thus suppressing other blocks.

gundyOn the plus side, we won’t have the Gundy to kick around anymore. Alas. He intimated last night that he “might” shut down his ridiculous District 1 Facebook Page (I’d link it, but I am “Banned by Gundy!”), but he wasn’t sure yet. He doesn’t seem to be happy teaching as a substitute, but I am sure that given the trends in voter turnouts, he can find some other race that nobody is paying attention to and run for that job while nobody is paying attention and he only needs a few hundred votes to get his pay or benefits back.

There were some very kind words sent to me yesterday via Facebook and the Text Machine (565-DAVE). It is still humbling and amazing to know how much people care and are willing to listen. It’s also a reminder of the importance of why I do this, and what the future can be.

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