Deja Vue All Over Again

bttf2_3478174aHillary gets her big day in front of Congress tomorrow. Trey Gowdy promises that we will be “shocked” by what comes out in the hearing. I doubt it. In fact, I doubt it so much that I am willing to say it again – this hearing tomorrow will be a bigger bomb than “After M*A*S*H” or the Brady Bunch Variety Hour.

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) says that he would be Speaker IF – and only IF – everybody in the GOP pledges their firstborn sons to his service for evermore. No, I made that up. But he did say that he wants all the GOP Congresspeoples to bow down before him and swear allegiance to him. By Friday. More or less.

The “Clock-Boy” gets a better offer. Instead of continuing school here in America with millions of Tax Payer dollars after a discrimination lawsuit, his Father, the would-be President of Sudan has decided to accept an offer from Qatar and move his genius kid to a PLRI country where his work on building “mock” bombs can continue without an overreaction from local school authorities and police. There is a downside to this. Qatar is an ally, which means that President Obama is probably not droning PLRI bomb makers and terrorists there.

San Francisco made it clear yesterday that they don’t care what anybody of you mean people think. They are going to be a Sanctuary City no matter how many illegal immigrants find guns under park benches and shoot law abiding tourists.

Governor Brown wants the State to more diverse. Unless it’s Asians. Then he wants nothing to do with them. That includes lumping them all together into a single homogenous group called “Asians” that includes people stretching from the sub-continent to the middle of the Pacific.

And if all of this seems like we’ve chatted about it before… well… welcome to “Back to the Future II Day.” By the by, the Cubs are still the Cubs

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