History is Hindsight

Picture1014151213_1Over the course of a week, Dave has stood with his hands on a 4000 year old tree and at the other end of the State, held in his hands pieces of his own family’s history, his Father’s shotguns and hunting rifle. And when you really consider it, history, is really just hindsight. It is not 20/20, but what is blindingly obvious to us today, wasn’t so obvious to those were there back then. To the people who cut down the largest tree they had ever seen, it was just a thing to exhibit and from which to make money. Today, it’s a blindingly obvious example of human hubris and waste. Today, a grandfather speaks of the importance of school and learning and most of all, just making it to class on time. But once upon a time, a much younger boy didn’t see it the same way.

History is hindsight. But it is not experiential. Instead of simply deciding that people of a bygone age were wrong, wouldn’t it make more sense to see that they believed and try to understand why they thought that they were right?

And at the same time notice that we sure think that we today are right. A lot. Period.

Currently Lt. Governor and wannabe future Governor Gavin Newsome (BOOM! SCREECH!) came out yesterday and announced that he and “Gun Control Advocates” will be placing on the ballot a voter initiative to further limit gun rights in the State of California, already one of the strictest in the nation. It could be a politically dangerous move, but the bigger question is what is the real motivation of the Lt. Governor? Is it to stop people from killing each other? It won’t work.

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