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People are always singing the praises of term limits to Dave. So let’s ask a question. What does the following sentence mean: “No person elected elected as either Mayor or Councilmember shall be eligible to serve, or serve, as either Mayor or Councilmember for more than two terms.”

Doe it mean (choose one):

(a) a person can serve one term as Mayor and one term as a Councilmember?

(b) A person can serve two terms as either a Mayor or a Councilmember only?

(c) That a person may serve two terms as Mayor and two terms as a Councilmember?

(d) That taxpayers in a bankrupt city will spend a couple of hundred thousand dollars to let lawyers and Judges figure out what it means?

200px-Uprising_defenderDr. Ben Carson said last week that if Jews had been armed, the Nazi’s would never have been able to do what they did. Do you agree or disagree? Dave, for the record, disagrees, and he’ll explain why.

The 49ers did a better job on Sunday, and the reason they did better is exactly what Dave has been saying for weeks. They didn’t win, but they had a chance.

Thirty-fours years ago, tomorrow, Dave headed to Basic Training…
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