Another Mass Shooting You WILL Hear About

Dave got up really early today, knowing that there was going to be some headlines about the stabbing yesterday in Sacramento involving one of the French Train Heroes. There were headlines, but they were about another mass shooting at a University in Arizona. And they prove Dave’s Wednesday point about the political agenda’s behind which shootings get reported and which one’s don’t.

IMG_9851This morning’s sky was just awe inspiring and reminds us that “the heavens declare the glory of G-d, the sky proclaims His handiwork.” (Psalm 19:2) EDITORS NOTE: Dave misidentifies the second planet. It is Jupiter, not Mars

The stabbing of one of the French Train heroes was not a terrorist incident, nor was even related to anything other than a bar altercation. In fact, if the victim hadn’t been Airman 1/c Spencer Stone, we would never even have heard about the fight and stabbing.

Congressman McCarthy’s sudden withdrawal from the Speakers race might be related to his personal conduct, or it might be that he really thinks that he cannot unite the Party. In either case, is it possible that an outsider might be the solution to the issue?

Special Guest Fire Marshall Ben joins Dave to talk about what he learned yesterday at Kindergarten when the local Firemen came to school to talk fire safety.

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