The Mass Shooting Yesterday You Didn’t Hear About

NYT - Officials at the scene of a fatal shooting at Grattan Street and Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

NYT – Officials at the scene of a fatal shooting at Grattan Street and Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

Did you know that there was another “mass shooting” yesterday? This one on the streets of America’s premiere city. Why haven’t you heard about it? Why hasn’t the President pounded his podium and complained about being angry? Why hasn’t Hillary proclaimed that she will forever end such violence? Why haven’t Liberal Congressmen accused “gun nuts” of committing another mass shooting? The answer is simple: because this mass shooting – which WILL be counted as such in the stats –  doesn’t fit the political agenda and it proves the one thing about “gun control” that liberals can’t hide.

Did you know that this will be the final podcast ever? That’s because the world will end today in a giant ball of Biblical misinterpretation and fire.

You know that the “meeting” between Kim Davis and the Pope was played up by her lawyer into something that it was not. But did you know why and how many times he’s done this before? I really don’t care what your political position is on a given issue, but if you are going to invoke G-d as the reason for your position, you’d better be 100% honest. Otherwise, you’re no different than the guy predicting that the Earth will be destroyed today.

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