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Over the weekend, a young girls life was saved via the miracle of a heart transplant. No matter what else happens today or yesterday, it’s important to understand that Organ Donations save lives and make it possible to literally have life, from death. It’s a sad day when someone loses their life, particularly a young person. But how many others can be saved or have their lives improved? That’s is what DONATE LIFE is all about.

After a weekend of contemplating Umpqua, what – if anything – have we learned? For certain we’ve learned that politicizing an issue means that everybody is pretty much guided by emotion and not logic. Rich Paloma joins Dave to talk about California’s SB 707, which would ban even CCW carry on a school grounds.

Mental Health issues are most certainly a key element of the violence, so why aren’t we doing more about getting better and quicker treatment for people with those issues? Is it ignorance or an unwillingness to even discuss the issues?

Colin Kapernick is having some serious struggles this season – struggles that Dave both predicted and worried about years ago. He has the tools, what is missing is the Teams commitment to helping him develope those tools into what he could be – a top flight NFL quarterback.

Bonus – The Story Dave wanted to open the show with but turned out to be satire. Alas…

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