The Legend of the Ray Cats

It’s International Podcast Day! What is you favorite podcast and what is (are) Dave’s? First up is the SUBMARINE SEA STORIES PODCAST. Next up is the MISSION LOG PODCAST. And don’t forget all the great shows on THE PODCAST 99!

Now-a-Republican Kim Davis met with the Pope last Thursday. The question is why is the Pope now telling an elected official in the United States who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States what to do?

Dave opens up the eMail Bag and answers the question about why EAS Alerts “sound so crappy.”

3030709-inline-i-image2faceclawsSome have suggested that humans be genetically engineered to resist the effects of climate change. The problem is that playing with genes can lead to some strange and uncomfortable effects. By way of example, Dave takes a look at some of the ideas to warn future generations (1000+ years into the future) about the dangers of radioactive waste, one idea for which is absolutely amazingly entertaining… THE RAY CATS!

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