Au Revoir, John Boehner

The Pope speaks to the United Nations in New York. Did it make any sense to anybody else, because Dave was quite underwhelmed by the speech. Which could have been because the translator was so laid back and mellow, rather than anything the Pope actually had to say.

BoehnerOr, he could have been distracted by the announcement of John Boehner’s resignation from Speaker and from Congress. The legacy of Boehner’s time as Speaker is a divided Party and more and more people realizing that virtually every GOP politician who uses the word “Conservative” to describe themselves is full of bovine excrement. According to a new FoxNews Poll, 62% of Republicans feel “betrayed” by the GOP, which – putting aside the fact that a FoxNews Poll will cater to Republicans who feel “betrayed” by the GOP – is exactly what Boehner has wrought. As another “Conservative” politician pointed out this morning, what good has the GOP majority in Congress been?

In Modesto, a Beer festival turns out to be a scam, but what about those “One Day” or “One week” fantasy leagues for which the NFL Network is inundated with ads? Doesn’t the NFL have a long time problem with gambling?

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