Slapping Admiral Sprague

After a weekend getaway for his 52nd Birthday and Memorials for lost family members, Dave is back.

There is something about the PLRI “Clock Kid” that bothers pretty much everybody. Whether you believe that he is an innocent Muslim being set upon by the racist and Islamaphobic Cops or you’re an engineer showing that this “invention” was anything but, or you happen to be a President who is constantly having to explain to people that you are Christian, not a member of the PLRI or you’re a lawyer with a lawsuit prepared to sue… well… somebody’s gonna have to pay for this outrage, there is something to bother everybody in this story.

Meanwhile, some Syrian refugees are headed for the Central Valley. Why are they coming here? . Is this just another slap in the face by an Administration that doesn’t care and wants to bring potentially dangerous people into our neighborhood? World Relief Modesto is your answer

San Diego was amazing for Dave, as it always is. Of all the cities in California that don’t start with “M” and aren’t in the Central Valley, it’s his favorite. It’s also quite a tourist destination. But what Dave observed from one tourist had him spitting mad.

So despite the Verizon problem, the Monday episode has made it to the interwebs!

Download 150x150

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