The Perfect Moment

The moment Dave has waited for all his life

As we recall 9-11, 2001, Dave reflects on his own experiences that day, and last night, when he had the most perfect moment for which he waited all his life.

SB350 was sort of defeated this week, as the mandated 50% reduction in gasoline usage was pulled from the bill. But that doesn’t mean that those who want to inflict that reduction on Californians have given up. In fact, it means that now they will try the same thing another route.

NASA released new pictures of both Pluto and its moon Charon this week. The pictures are mesmerizing and have Dave enthralled. Of course, not all science is good. Some of it is the opposite (bad). Like the idea of reanimating 30,000 frozen Siberian viruses.

The NFL season is underway, and Tom Brady had a pretty good message for those who hate him last night.

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