Back in late December, there came a moment when I wanted to be somewhere for a family event, but I couldn’t be there because of work. It wasn’t that I hated my job or anything negative thing like that, I just had this overwhelming feeling that I was missing far too much of my life to be on the air until 6pm every weekday and at the studio for a good 4-6 hours every Saturday.

More than anything, it was the desire to have a full life and spend time with my family that drove my decision.

Over the past five months, the podcast has become driven, but not to the same extreme. I absolutely love doing the podcast, and I look forward to it each and every day.

But there comes a time, when the reason why I do a podcast instead of a radio show has to take precedence.

318937_4491224291818_1306847305_nLast week, as you know, my sister-in-law, Roni, passed away after a very long battle with life and with so many types of cancer that I couldn’t keep track of them all. Last night, one week almost to the moment, Cami’s father, and my beloved Father-in-law, passed away after his own battle with cancer.

Ed was an amazing guy, and – I probably don’t need to tell you this – he was also a submariner. We were separated by about 20 years in our service times, but my first “real” boss in the Navy, after I completed all my schools, turned out to be one of Ed’s friends from years before.

When Cami and I got engaged, I met Ed for the first time at a family celebration of Independence Day. When we found that we had more than the most beautiful woman on the planet in common, we really hit it off. I even asked him for his permission and blessing to marry Cami. Keep in mind Cami and I were both in our 40’s. I think it took him aback, but it also bonded us. We were two men of a certain profession, bound together by a woman we both love.

Every year for the last six years, Ed and his wife, Georgia, passed through the Valley twice a year on their way to and from Arizona for the winter. Those visits were often short, but they were important as Ben got to meet and play for a few moments with the other Submarine guy in his world.

And now, he has passed over the bar.

I apologize that there was no Constitution Thursday yesterday. I was, in fact I still am, quite ill myself, but I will get that episode done this weekend and get caught back up.

There will be no Plausibly Live today.

Today is for spending time with my family and remembering the good man, Ed Erickson.




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