Keeping My Back to the Wall

hero_wide_640This morning’s news of a deadly shooting in Roanoke, VA has the entire country on edge and chatting. But when did we reach the point where killing another human being became a rationale response to our own problems?

The Judge in the Kaufmann Murder has denied bail to Frank Carson and the two Atwal brothers. Recent developments include the news that Kaufmann’s body was initially buried in a field next to the Pop’N’Cork Store owned by the brothers. And while Carson continues to proclaim his innocence, is it reasonable to conclude that he has absolutely no knowledge or information about a murder that happened on his property? If he really is innocent, why is he working so hard to obscure the matter rather than help solve it?

Stephen Hawking has a new theory about Black Holes and it’s mind blowing. Or at least very confusing, in a “I’m not a scientists and don’t even play one on TV” kinda way. But at the end of the day, it reminds us that every human life matters and the bigger the universe gets, the more special each life is.

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