The Ross Redo?

The belief is that Trump is “not a politician,” and that is why he’s surging to the lead in the GOP polls. Is he?

Editors Note: Dave has a whole show prepped to look at the comparisons between Trump and Perot in 1992. This morning he received news that his Uncle had a stroke last night, while Cami is in Tacoma having what is certain to be a last visit with her father, who has Stage 4 Cancer. He will get to the Perot stuff, just give him a couple of minutes to get started…

Ross-PerotThe second belief is that a Trump 3rd Party candidacy will result in a Hillary Clinton victory, presumably over Jeb Bush. If that happens, will it actually be the fault of Donald Trump, or a GOP that doesn’t really grasp its own base? The only real example of the predicted outcome would be 1992, when Ross Perot was said to have siphoned enough GOP voters to assure a Bill Clinton victory. Is that what really happened? And if not, are there lessons for today?

An American Soldier is killed in Afghanistan this week. How come there is no outcry for flags to be at half-mast?

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