The Whole Quadrant is Learning Klingonee

Korax_BigThe first day of Kindergarten for Ben goes… well… Star Trek. And it ends with the most classic Ben comment ever. Never has a father been more proud of his son…

Since it’s obligatoire et nécessaire, we take a look at last nights festival of Fox News, in which Fox News Moderators asked some candidates for President of Fox News Nation, some questions which Fox News came up with for the Fox News moderators to ask on the Fox News debate which was held on Fox News. Apparently, everybody seems to feel that Fox News did a bang up job presenting the Fox News Debate on Fox News, although at least one of the candidates is less than pleased with Fox News and the Fox News Moderators who Fox News allowed to ask questions on the Fox News debate that were perceived by the candidate on the Fox News Debate as “not friendly.” Fox News, of course, denies that the Fox News debate conducted by the Fox News moderators was in any way less than friendly, and they are sure that the candidate on the Fox News debate could have comported himself better for the Fox News audience, but in any case, they feel that they, Fox News, were really, really swell, and that the candidate – for whom, by the by, Fox News had a secret plan in case he didn’t shut up (like Nixon’s plan to end the Vietnam War, it was secret, so we don’t know what the Fox News plan is or was) – was just being really, really… well… foxy.

The Glorious Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea has announced a stunning change, sure to… well… stun lots of people, most of whom will suspect that it’s actually a joke, kind of like putting “Klingon” down as a second language spoken by your kid, but in this case, and much like the reaction of certain School Principles, it’s not. They’re serious.

We think.


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