War Hero or War Zero?

Editors Note: Dave is unusually passionate in this episode, which means STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE is used. If you are offended by salty sailor speech, you’ll probably want to skip this episode…

McCainThe Donald stirred the pot again this past weekend when he said that Senator John McCain is “a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured, okay?”

Begin a weekends worth of the arguments from those who support Trump and those who are outraged by his comments. But, like most things, in all the brouhaha, the real issue is being ignored which remains, what is there in Donald Trump’s history that is convincing Conservatives to support him?

What defines a “war hero” anyway? Dave has two personal “war heroes” that would not have met Donald Trump’s criteria.  Should a man with a draft deferment and later an undraftable high lottery number really be questioning anybody’s service record? Were the men at Bataan not war heroes? What about Wake Island?

When all is said and done, John McCain flew 23 combat missions over North Vietnam. Donald Trump flew precisely zero while taking advantage of his Daddy’s patronage for personal gain.

Should the Flag at the White House be at half-mast for the victims of the Chattanooga attack?

This show’s bumpers are from the Top 5 of October 27, 1967, the week that a Navy pilot was shot down over North Vietnam while the son of a real estate mogul was soaking his bone spurs at “the prestigious” Wharton Business School…


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    • Which, once again, misses the entire point. Trump said, and I quote, “I prefer people who didn’t get captured, okay?”

      Does Trump believe – it’s what he said – and are you defending his position, that the men who have been POW’s include the defenders of Wake Island, Bataan, the Civil War, The USAAC and so on, are NOT heroes? Again, it IS what he said, and when given the opportunity to apologize for it, he refused.

      The politics post 1973 are another issue all together – which – again (if you had listened to the show) you would already know I do not agree with or support McCain. But we are NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT.

      Trump owes ALL Vets and ALL former POWS an apology for his ill considered and


      statement. Instead, he has stated that he will not and will never do so.

      If it is now a Conservative value and principle and current practice to attack and diminish the service of men a women who DID serve by people who DID NOT SERVE, count me out of being a Conservative. I have no interest in supporting a man who does that, as he is unworthy of the title “Commander in Chief.”

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      • Listened to your whole show; enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for YOUR military service to our nation, and, thank you for telling about John Mccain’s service and sacrifice. Because this is such an emotional topic, for you and for many, and because I want to carefully-consider my words, it may take a-bit for me to give you a proper reply. I will post it as soon as possible. Again, thank you; God bless you.

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