80.6% Right, 36.1% Communitarian

It is literally the last few hours of my “vacation,” and for the first time in a week, I am doing research and reading news again, something that I have purposely and almost unbelievably avoided since last Tuesday. But now, as I sit here in front of the Groger-9000 for the first time in a week, I am bombarded by news that is almost too much to consume, certainly in the context of a 1 hour podcast.

So, I already have to get Constitution Thursday done for this week, which will once again make us aware of the uncomfortable things we don’t want to talk about. I also have to pare down the stories from today and tomorrow into an easily digestible sixty minute format.

Since I won’t have time to get into this on the podcast, at least not anytime soon, I figured this was a good place to bring it up.

Dave's Score

Dave’s Score

As you know, I have been taking a course on the history of Conservatism, at least as it pertains to the English speaking world. On the internet this week has been the ubiquitous “Political Coordinates Test,” which has you answer a series of questions to determine if you are left or right, and to what degree, as well as if you are liberal or communitarian. You can read on their site the explanations for what each of those categories are and how they determine them.

For what it is worth, the test does not allow for radical” ideas or beliefs outside the mainstream of political thought, but within that stream it assigns a value based on your answers, which are limited to five different positions on any given topic (STRONG Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, STRONGLY Disagree).

The Comparision

The Comparision

It seems iffy to me, and for anybody who cares, I scored an 80.6 RIGHT and 36.1 Communitarian. This – as I understand it -makes me slightly less “communitarian” and slightly to the right of Ronald Reagan. I view myself as an Originalist and a pragmatist in the tradition of Bismark’s realpolitik. That often surprises people who understand what it means, as they tend to see me as a Staunch Whig. (Conversely, Moderates tend to accuse me of being a “Furious Whig.” So even where I stand may depend on who is looking at me, which is kinda Heisenberg-ish)

All this is well and good, but how does it translate into actual day to day political life? In other words, I consider myself to be “Conservative,” but I doubt seriously that Donald Trump and I agree on much of anything of significance to “Conservatives.” Steve Poizner ran for Governor of California as a “Conservative,” but in my view he was not a Conservative as much as he was a politician seeking votes.

So between my course work and this test, I have found myself wondering – how do YOU define “Being a Conservative?”

Like most brands, it should be simple, direct, and above all, short.

How do you describe your Conservatism is that manner and hope that it encapsulates all that you accept and believe, at least politically?

Drop me a line via eMAIL or Voicemail (565-DAVE) and let me know what you do when you are asked to “Brand” your conservatism.


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