Rodney’s Ride

30584_1419427815837_5366214_nOn Sea Stories Tuesday, Dave celebrates the birthday of one of his best friends with a couple of… well.. sea stories from their time on USS Michigan.

This week has seen the 101st anniversary of the assassination Archduke Ferdinand, which sparked World War I. The Great War was a veritable cornucopia of lessons about how to not do things, from diplomacy to alliances to tactics and even Grand strategy. But it was also a mano a mano conflict, before technology ruled the battlefields. One of the saddest legacy’s of the 1st World War is the blatant and open racism that President Woodrow Wilson displayed towards African-American Troops serving in the US Army.

Caesar Rodney made his famous ride this week in 1776. Few people know of him, or why he did what he did. He is a great example of the truism that there are many people in out history who did great things, but aren’t recalled like the giants of history who – in many cases – did less for the cause.

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