Four Things

shutupAfter a weekend of thinking about things, Dave has four issues he has to get off of his chest. (1) Obamacare Ruling (2) Gay Marriage Ruling (3) CSA Battle Flags and (4) Other Stuff that happened while we were talking about the other stuff.

Since the last shall be First, Greece is about to become a Ancient Third World power as her banks collapse and she goes broke. Europe is unhappy about their fact that Greece feels like paying its bills is “insulting.” A PLRI Terror attack in Tunisia was stopped in part by Muslims standing up against the terrorist.

The Obamacare ruling would have been a moot point if the GOP Candidates who ran on a promise of stopping Obamacare had actually kept their promise. They didn’t, so we’re all stuck with it now – including every single one of the GOP 2016 Candidates for President.

At least one newspaper is already claiming that since the Supreme Court has decided the case, there will be no more anti-gay marriage articles or letters to the editor. The problem is that the Supreme Court has a pretty good record of reversing itself – at least better than you might think. So if the SCOTUS ruling on Gay Marriage is absolute, is the SCOTUS ruling on the 2nd Amendment also absolute? Will said Paper be running no more articles/letters reflecting an anti-gun position?

The CSA Battle Flag was carried into battle by men who knew for what they were fighting. And that was, plain and simply, slavery. There has been 150 years of the “States Rights” argument, but at the end of the day, the men who were there made it crystal clear that the issue was slavery. And nothing else.

Later today the Redistricting ruling will come from SCOTUS. The GOP is already terrified and using it as a fundraiser.

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