Gold Plated Balls

tumblr_m0lshrl04j1qhsx1go1_250The 100th Episode of Plausibly Live has Dave wondering why the Air Force even bothered to put out a 231 page report debunking the Roswell UFO Crash story? Reflections on 100 shows and the future, as well as tomorrows important episode of Constitution Thursday. Oh… and a really amazingly stupid Gang Banger…

Bobby Jindal will announce “soon” that he is running for President. Why? Given how hard the GHOP is working to alienate its base with things like TPA, it seems like a long shot for them to win the White House anyway. Which has Dave talking about all those internet stories about “This is the One that Will End Hillary’s Chances” which won’t do anything of the sort.

The Council of Concerned Citizens, a well known White Separatist organization, supposedly influenced Dylan Roof. They deny that, of course. But did you know that they got their 501(c)(4) status? democrats are complaining about that republicans “have made it harder” for the IRS to revoke their status, after the “so-called Tea Party” scandal at the IRS.

Modesto’s City Council votes to go ahead and put Measure A on the ballot. But not until after some illegal fireworks.

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