Angering the Gods

malaysia-naked-ele_3336782bIn Malaysia, a group of tourists, including one very hot 24 year old woman, climb a scared mountain. there, amid the beauty of the natural world and presumably the spirits that inhabit the sacred mountain, they took off their clothes and took pictures, which they then posted to social media. Hour later, an earthquake killed eighteen other climbers. Now four of the naked tourists – including the hottie – are under arrest for… wait for it…

JBL Bike To Work 4The Modesto City Council agrees to a special meeting to discuss the ballot language for Measure A, the increase in the Sales Tax of which 100% will go to the general fund to be spent any way the Council deems fit. The second Measure, named “B,” is to provide political cover when the people find out that IF Measure A is approved, the Council is going to spend the money any way they deem fit.

The passing of the great actor Christopher Lee has Dave thinking about his favorite moments of the man. Turns out, it involves a motorcycle and Native-American Drum circles. 

The Engert lawsuit against the County is allowed to move forward by a Judge who rules that it is possible that a jury could find the County negligent in the death on Glendon Engert.

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