France ’40

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Sea Story Tuesday kicks off with the recent Droning of an ISIL “Moron” who posted a selfie from an ISIS “Command Center.” The problem is, who’s the real dummy here?

SEAL Team 6 has a long and glorious history. So naturally, the New York Times has to do an expose in which they claim the team has “limited oversight.”

F40_boxIn 1940, a battle occurred which pretty much everybody has either forgotten or mocked. Even Charles de Gaulle wanted it pushed off the pages of history and replaced with the glory of the Free French Armies and the Resistance which helped to overcome Nazi Germany. But were the French troops of 1940 as bad as history has labeled them?

And in a follow up to Memorial Day, one small town in Holland maintains the graves of American Soldiers killed liberating them from Germany. A close friend of Dave’s has an Uncle buried there, and he recently contacted the Keepers of the Graves to see if he could learn anything about his Uncle.

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  1. Just thought I’d let you know that more than half of the French Resistance were British – something else deGaulle didn’t want known.
    Also, when deGaulle got angry with the US, he told Dean Rusk he wanted every American OFF French soil. Rusk asked him if that also meant the ones that were buried there. deGaulle said nothing.

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