The Podcast 99

lpSo, how serious are we about the Podcast 99 Network getting rolling? If this doesn’t say it loud and clear, I don’t know what else will. Within a few days, I will be drinking my morning coffee as I record Plausibly Live, out one of these babies:

And my new business cards will look like this:

lp (2)

I wanted to take this quick opportunity to say Thank you to all my fellow Podcast 99 show hosts, to Jeremy the Bytemaster for all his work on the APPs, to our great friends at Fire2Wire who host all of our shows, and to each and everyone of you for downloading, “Liking” and I hope, for sharing.

We do this because it’s our passion. Because there’s too much bottled up inside of us to let somebody else tell us what to say or what to think.

If you have a topic for a show, let the show host know!

If you have an idea for a podcast YOU would like to do, LET US KNOW! If you’re committed to talking about it, we have a place for you on Podcast 99!

We’re adding some new tech stuff this week, including a streaming component and we’re getting closer to be able to do quality live shows again, eventually including callers.

Things around the palatial Podcast 99 Studio are getting exciting. And we’re excited to be able to share them with you!

plausibly_live_new_2048 copy

Podcast 99 Logo 150x150


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