Bad Parenting

The Chessman Cookie - It's What's For Breakfast!

The Chessman Cookie – It’s What’s For Breakfast!

Is Dave a “bad parent” for his breakfast selections for Ben? Tim Curry looks really bad…

Numerous texts and eMails responded to the Friday show, Dave shares some resources that he has found useful in the past for dealing with the Collateral Damage of Childhood sexual abuse. Those books are “Healing the Incest Wound – Adult Survivors in Therapy” and “Treating the Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse – A Psychoanalytic Perspective.

The California Court System Board will take up a rule to eliminate the “Pay to Play” system that is prevalent throughout many of the States Counties. The current system allows the Court to make a defendant pay all fines and fees BEFORE they can challenge a traffic citation in Court. If the rule change passes, that will be modified, but not eliminated as the Chief Justice wants.

The City of Modesto launches the latest round of it’s anti-Basketball Hoop Crusades. Luckliy they have solved all the other pressing issues, which raises the question of why they need a sales tax increase.

Saturday was the anniversary of D-Day. So what did the President talk about to unite the Country in his weekly address? (Hint: Not D-Day)

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