Chicken in the Lemonade

B9317510971Z.1_20150527182956_000_GM8AR9NSH.1-0People who Dave is not include the weird, resurrected Kentucky Fried Colonel, filmmaker and liberal Michael Moore, and the DiTech Guy.

A Bay Area man almost pulls off the ultimate Stolen Valor Scam. He got caught on the deck of the USS Hornet in Alameda.

There is a problem with the whole Bruce/Cailtlyn Jenner story, but it’s not whatever Bruce decided to do to become Caitlyn.

The FIFA Vice-President has iron clad proof that he is innocent of all the charges and proof (equally iron clad) that this is all the USA out to get him over our failed 2015 World Cup bid.

Yellowstone National Park has recommended that you stay at least 25 yards away from the Bison. Why? Because it turns out that Bison are faster than you…

And Der Mayor pitches his fraudulent “Safety Tax” again. He knows that he is misleading and this this is a General Fund tax that is about REVENUE, not SAFETY. But.. if he can get just 50%+1 of voters to believe him…

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