Sepp Blatter

It’s Friday and it’s Ben last day ever in Pre-school. Dave isn’t sure how to react to that.

As it turned out, there was no 9.0 Earthquauke

Ich habe Möglichkeiten, die Sie lieben Fußball

Ich habe Möglichkeiten, die Sie lieben Fußball

All good Americans hate soccer. And the FIFA money laundering scandal would rock that hatred to the core if Americans cared about it, which they don’t. In fact, the only thing that matters about the scandal is that the main characters name is Sepp Blatter. If that isn’t an evil arch-nemeses Doctors name, we don’t know what is.

The Duggars story got even worse yesterday – if that was really possible – when the former (he’s retired, by the by) State Trooper who gave the Josh the “stern talking too” before he was convicted (twice) of possession of Child Porn, says that Jim-Bob Dugger, Politician-at-Large, lied to him about the number of times Josh assaulted his sisters “and others.”

One Person – One Vote heads to the Supreme Court to decides what exactly “One Person” means. It’s technical, it’s boring and it could both help and hurt the GOP in California.

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