The Sammy B

The Duggar story comes even more unraveled. The truth is that Jim Bob is a politician, plain and simple, and everything he does and has done is to gain political power and to use that power to enforce his will, insofar as he can of how other people should live.

0758a42The USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG-58 was decommissioned this past week by the US Navy. She had a long and glorious story, including an incredible day in 1988 in the Persian Gulf. For all her remarkable deeds, she had an even more remarkable forbearer which she had to follow – The original USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413 and Coxain Samuel B Roberts himself.

The California State Assembly decides to deal with an insane Ballot Initiative by… raising the fees to register Ballot Initiatives! That’ll fix it, right!

The 5th Circuit Court lets the Injunction against Obama’s Immigration Executive Action stand. Which is exactly what he wanted to have happen.

The City of Modesto makes a couple of exceptions to its water restrictions.

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  1. Your Navy stories are always awesome especially for someone growing up without a lot of exposure to it, but this one was really moving. Thanks for bring me this piece of history and the wealth of information you have provided me over the years as well. Keep up the good work. I will definitely pass this podcast on.

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