The Fall of the House of Duggar

The Fall of the House of DuggarThe Duggar family scandal has America chattering, as it should. Dave & Cami talked about it and their positions on the scandal more or less reflect the divide in the rest of the Country. On the one hand, “The Liberals have always been out to get the Duggar’s.” And on the other hand, “The Duggar’s are hypocrites.” But what is being missed is that there is a bigger problem here. Reality TV is 100% fake, and the image the Duggars’ have carefully staged and crafted isn’t what really happens when the cameras are off. And now the whole cover up will probably bring down the House of Duggar.

Open Cockpit Day was a blast. If you missed it, you can see Dave’s pictures of Ben climbing into Airplanes HERE.

Norwich City wins the Championship Playoff, and yes, Dave watched the entire match. He even got up early to do so. The first fifteen minutes was great… after that it was everything Americans hate about the game of soccer.



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