Scan0010Ben “graduates from Pre-School,” but it’s what Dave learns from the experience that really matters to him.

The Delta Smelt has been declared “functionally Extinct.” If you thought that would mean more water for people, you don’t understand the problem.

In New York, a lone Judge rules that a lawsuit against the District of Columbia’s rule for “good cause/proper cause” for having a handgun is likely to succeed on its merit and thus he issues an injunction against the rule. Will this have any effect on the rehearing of the Peruta case in front of the 9th Circuit en banc? (Hint: No)

Modesto’s Magical Sales Tax and the things that it will ACTUALLY end up paying for instead of Cops, Firemen, homeless issues and stopping domestic abuse…

Editors Notes: this show became something of a personal “Lords of the Rings” type quest for Dave. Through interruptions, delays, interference, background noise, you name it, he wanted to give up and can this show five or six times, only to pick it up and try to continue on. Almost six hours after he started, he staggered over the finish line with a show that is disjointed and choppy, but he reuses to let it go. So… don’t judge him (too harshly) on this one…


20140917_AvailableoniTunesPodcast99 copy2


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