Trigger Warning

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE USED IN THIS PODCAST. If the terms “Goat F******” and “Candy Ass” offend you, you might want to skip this one as Dave commits an Extreme Act of Delinquency.

SinpoSide1800Dave commits An Extraordinary Act of Great Delinquency as he cannot grasp the need for Trigger warnings on Greek Mythology. There are real and actual dangers in the world, including ISIS and the North Koreans both of whom have a list of rules for which they will kill you if you break them.

The North Koreans also have the KN-11 Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile, which has a name that might be a gigantic trolling of the US Navy.

The Governor wants to redistribute wealth, and for good measure the State’s Republicans are overjoyed about it.



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About Dave

Talk Show host, lifelong Baseball and Star Trek fan, US Navy Submariner and Fire Control Technician (Ballistic Missile) 1st Class Petty Officer (Submarine Qualified), Dave is married with four daughters, one son, two sons-in-law and two grandchildren plus one on the way. He resides quietly in Manteca, CA, where he records his podcast, Plausibly Live, three days a week. He also writes for several other blogs and as a "Stay at home Dad" plays a lot of games with his son. Dave loves books, history and is learning to weld and drive a forklift. Just for fun. Dave is also a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans and a Member of the US Submarine Veterans.

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  1. Don Jackson

    Robert Graves wrote a two-volume The Greek Myths… But I’d recommend Hercules, My Shipmate (about the voyages of the Argo) and Homer’s Daughter (the odyssey…), both full-blown novels — by a novelist, poet and scholar.
    If you haven’t read them, you’ll have a treat in store. If you have, re-read them, and then go on or back to The Greek Myths.

    And should you find yourself with a month of “nothing to do” and no need of involvement with the modern world you might try The White Goddess… 🙂


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