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  1. Don Jackson

    I’m sorry to have to do this… But it’s for your own good!
    At 14:45 or so in your podcast, you said “rye-balled”; if you won’t take my word for it, there’s Tom Lahrer’s song (Smut!) in which he rhymes the term with quibbled… (Surely, you don’t need any greater authority!)
    Please, if you use the term again, pronounce it bibb-led!


  2. Don Jackson

    Well, less than 4 minutes in I was gritting my teeth!
    But you take me wrong if you think that such things make me mad: I usually only mention them if such allows me to say something further (e.g., pointing you to Tom Lahrer’s “take” on the 1st Amendment… Hilarious! And, for the longest time, THE bone of contention..)

    You should know (so I mention it…) that as a teenager I sometimes befuddled my fellow Cantabrigians by claiming to be an Am-err Rii-can. (You know: You got your Puerto Ricans, your Costa Ricans, and your Amer-ricans… 🙂 ) What I say in my defense is that I like the English language.
    I have no problem with you showing your similar affection in your own way, Dave.


    (Although I also remember, at the time that saying “peace” became cool many of my contemporaries were painting walls with UATWMF…and “Off the Pigs”. My generation was — not a comfortable place for me to be. There seemed to be too many stupid people; lucky for us, that’s changed…? 🙂 )


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