Stop Making Sense

tumblr_m6ei4kIRvJ1rvn6njo1_500Dave spent last night enjoying a trip down memory lane, but it raised the question in his mind, if the Millennial Generation is so opposite of what Conservatives are, how do we reach them?

Even Hillary is taking advantage of the fact that young people seem to reject everything that Conservatism believes.

Californian’s seem to be unreachable when it comes to water conservation, which actually, in a really weird way, makes a lot of sense.



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  1. Don Jackson

    Funk! As a guitarist, I liked it. As a song-writer, I was ambivalent. As someone who thought he’d be a successful musician, I was disheartened: Lyrically and musically, Motown and Soul were trashed; the best of what I considered good music was — well, it was denigrated, and demeaned.

    I’m afraid you and I can’t “share” stories: We’re of different generations, and we may have no progenitors in common.


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