Paul Blart


It’s Earth Day… hurray! Back in 1970, we were told by people who started Earth Day that we were all doomed to die horrible in the coming few years. It was a lie, and now we see that it was a “Harry Reid” lie.

The Supreme Court is hearing Horne v Dept of Ag even as we speak. Way back in December of 2012, Dave & John covered this case on Constitution Thursday. The Court also ruled yesterday that “non-media” speakers do NOT have the full protection of the Freedom of the Press.

The re-authorization of the Patriot act and it’s NSA metadata program, is causing a schism in the GOP, one Candidate is praising the program while others are fighting it. Meanwhile, the truth is nobody who is going to vote for her cares that Hillary Clinton got rich from foreign money.

Dave saw Paul Blart – Mall Cop 2, he’s got his review…



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