Bullenhuser Damm

83leic8200xq280eA USAF Veteran who served in Kuwait, is arrested after she intervenes in a Valdosta State protest in which students were walking upon a US Flag. Her actions have drawn praise from Veterans and flag supporters. But there is one really big question that has to be asked…

Europe is facing a wave of illegal immigration that has gone barely noticed in the United States. So far 2015 has been a deadly year for illegal immigrants, with more than 1500 peope losing their lives since January attempting to enter Europe. This past week, two incidents have brought renewed attention to the problem. A ship capsized and sank, killing 700, while on a smaller boat, members of the PLRI threw Christians overboard. 

A University of California Berkeley Scientist is now saying that science supports what many of us have believed for a long time – that California is actually a desert that had a really wet 150 years.

The Director of the FBI made a verbal slip when he stated that Poland had helped Nazi Germany commit the Holocaust. The American Ambassador in Warsaw was summoned to discuss the Directors Comments. And while the Director was wrong about Poland and Hungary, the rest of his remarks were very relevant. On this day in 1945, the Children of Neuengamme were taken to Bullenhauser Damm, and there they became some of the last victims of the “Final Solution.” 



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