In Cold Blood

635640314098596223-Michael-SlagerDave heads off to register Ben for Kindergarten, he’s really not ready for this…

A white South Carolina Cop murders a black man in what appears to be cold blood. This is guaranteed to stoke the fires again and provide plenty of fodder for the race debate in the entire nation;

Chinese air pollution is infecting the Central Valley, but don’t worry, we’ll still be fined for it;

the Soviets are getting frisky again and the Memories Pizza owners hit on a really good plan for what to do with all that money from the GoFundMe campaign..



Mexican authorities have FOUND A DRUG SMUGGLING TUNNEL to the US… wait for it.. in a wardrobe.

Apparently nearly ALL PILOTS BELIEVE IN UFO’S. It make sense. I mean, so do I. There are lots of Unidentified flying objects. Then they get ID’d and they aren’t…

As you know, I have really made an effort to “like” soccer, or futbol, as the Euro’s call it. The problem with soccer… ahem, futbol, is that the game is so stupefyingly boring that its fans are reduced to being hooligans to gain any entertainment from the game they on which they spend all their money. Then there are THESE FANS WHO CHANT ABOUT BURNING JEWS in Holland. Apart from the stunning realization that they DID in fact do this is the realization that they obviously don’t teach history in Dutch schools or these idiots would understand just how bad their own little country had it under the Nazis…

And we’ll get to this as soon as we can, but the Stockton City Council opted for Plan three on the Mayor’s Salary… they just SENT IT BACK TO THE COMMISSION WITH NO ACTION. Which I am pretty sure was not actually an option…


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