Whither Almonds?

Dead+Almond+TreesThe assault on Farming has begun in earnest as the definition of what is and what is not “food” and what therefore should or should not get water is now embedded in the headlines and questions. A reporter asks Governor Brown about the 2% of GDP that framing represents for the State of California and whether or not the use of water justifies that low of a GDP output. The Governor responds with a waffle about jobs instead of setting her straight. The water Wars in California are on. Led by the Media, the target is the Central Valley and Almonds. After all, if just 2% is using 80% of the water, why do we “need” it?

Senator Rand Paul announces that he is now in the running against Senator Ted Cruz and Hispanic Governor Jeb Bush for President in 2016.

The LA TIMES Article referenced today can be found HERE



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