Obamacare Retried

Dave's Personal Earth Destruction Device, Mk 1

Dave’s Personal Earth Destruction Device, Mk 1

Dave seems hell bent on personally destroying the planet… with his choice of coffee maker

A Stanford University study says that man is causing the California drought and that it has NEVER, ever, happened before. Hold on there, amigos… what caused the drought 1200 years ago? Global Warming also has its hand in your pocketbook, contributing significantly to the increase in gasoline prices in the State of California. Californians are NOT saving water. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

    Stanford Study: Man is Causing California Drought

    California Adds Global Warming Fee to Gasoline Price

The US Supreme Court hears King v Burwell today, in what some consider the latest attempt to “take down” Obamacare (he loves that name!) Is there any realistic chance that the law is overturned?

    High Court Appears Sharply Divided Over Obamacare Challenge

The California Ballot Initiative system has been roundly criticized in the past, but it’s about to get lambasted by the left and the right. Although because of the nature of things, the right will get blamed for it.

    “Bullets to the Head for Gays?”

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  1. Maybe we can trace it back to the Chinese, Mayan, Egyptian or Roman civilizations for the drought 1200 years ago.


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