I Have Been And Always Shall Be Your Friend


Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper

In the middle of recording the Friday podcast, the word came down that Leonard Nimoy, Star Treks, Mr. Spock, has died. Star Trek deeply influenced Dave as a kid, and the passing of another of his heroes is a moment for reflection.

Does anybody else have the same problem with their child’s behavior that Dave is having with Ben? How did you solve it?

The CPAC is underway, it seems that Senator Ted Cruz may be a Plausibly Live listener!

The Bytemaster crew, Jeremy and Jason, join Dave to talk about Net Neutrality, which is unneeded and not neutral.

In Alabama, a cigarette lawsuit exposes some flaws in our political beliefs.

A look at FWN and let’s taste another Beer with the Ale Evangelist!


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  1. Mr. Spock is no more. It’s a good thing Mr. Nimoy passed on the torch before his passing. What kind of issue does Dave’s Child has?


  2. Good podcast. I will be listening to this one a few times.

    First things first : Dave, you can’t be afraid of the meltdown. You must be willing and able to weather that storm. If the meltdown is Ben’s trump card, no discipline strategy you choose will work.

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