The Keystone of the Veto

keystone_pipeline_routeThe President delivers his Veto message for S 1, The Keystone XL Pipeline bill, and it is an affront not to the jobs or desires of the American people, it is an affront to the Constitution of The United States. Congress meanwhile is running for cover regardless of what they say that they are going to do.

The debate over the VA Secretary’s words continue to cause hard feelings and confusion. Was what he said to a homeless guy – who, by the by, was also most likely lying – really worth all of this? Or have we become so “participation trophy” oriented that even the word “special” has to be redefined?

The San Joaquin County Board does something right, and the Plastic Bag ban runs into 550,000+ registered voters who say, not so fast…

The Stockton Thunder are going away, what will be the name of the team that replaces them?

To Download this podcast, "Right Click" and "Save Link As..."

To Download this podcast, “Right Click” and “Save Link As…”


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