The Loneliest Mayor in Town

The Lonely Mayor chats up the ladies

The Lonely Mayor suavely chatting up the ladies

The Clown Prince of Stockton is feeling a bit lonely. And it’s all Google’s fault.

The City of Modesto is going to pay a restaurant owner $100,000 to move their place for the new Wünder Court House. That money comes out of the tidy little (and by that, I mean absurdly little) profit the City made on the deal because they already overpaid for the land to begin with.

Modesto also will propose not one, not two, but three City Managers. Blowing right through that “extra” $5.1 Million, I see…

Stolen Valor continues to be a major issue, and now the VA Secretary has joined right in. Is his faux pas enough to force him to resign?

In Siberia, sink holes are opening up the possibility of ancient and really cool biologics coming back to kill us all!

To Download this podcast, "Right Click" and "Save Link As..."

To Download this podcast, “Right Click” and “Save Link As…”


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