Dos Bürgermeister

Extreme Violence

Extreme Violence

Dave gets pretty fired up over rising gasoline prices, which were exacerbated this week by a Southern California gasoline refinery explosion (how convenient?).

The White House “Combating Violent Extremism Summit” ends up blaming Americans while asking other countries to “help out.” Oh, and you… the White House wants YOUR ideas for combating American Violent Extremism.

Der Mayor has an idea, let’s see if you can guess what it is? Yep. He wants to raise the sales tax again. If you thought Measure X was magical, wait until you hear what he proposes to do with this new tax increase!

Meanwhile send in the clowns. Payaso alcalde de Stockton managed to get himself into a situation… again… which, of course, is everybody else’s fault except his.

Major League Baseball says, “hurry up, you guys!” But as long as it’s not another 6 hour 9 Inning Yankees-Red Sox tilt, is baseball really that slow?

To Download this podcast, "Right Click" and "Save As..."

To Download this podcast, “Right Click” and “Save As…”


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  1. Now the oil price is down, it’s a good time to raise gas tax. What kind f*#!@ing logic is that?


  2. What is this Measure X redux? Modesto already said No to raising taxes for public safety. There is no justification for this proposed regressive 1/2 percent sales tax increase. Crime is down in Modesto and Modesto’s abusive police force just received a pay raise with many officers making well over $100,000 per year. The income per capita in Modesto is ruffly $23,017, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $49,205. Why should working class folks have taxes raised off their backs for police officers making saleries double what the normal family takes home? How much money does law enforcement need? It’s not like Modesto police officers are paying San Francisco rents / mortgages, Modesto has one of the lowest cost of living in California, yet these officers want San Francisco pay?! Will MPOA (Modesto Police Officer’s Association) claim to have a secret “lockbox” that will keep these funds for public safety only? Will Modesto once again hire their failed leader / mouthpiece former Modesto Police Chief Mike Harden to promote this proposed regressive 1/2 percent sales tax? Will MPOA manipulate the public’s fear of crime into arguing for more taxes; even though crime is down in Modesto? Also, what will happen to this regressive sales tax revenue when it hits the general fund with little to no oversight?! I think Mayor Marsh is using public safety as a cover for this regressive tax increase so he can actually redirect this tax revenue to help fund his hostile takeover / annexation of Salida & Wood Colony. Anyone against the hostile takeover / annexation of Salida & Wood Colony should be against this tax. Mayor Marsh claimed his proposed regressive 1/2 percent sales tax increase would only cost everyone a $4 cup of coffee; if you believe that then I have a San Francisco bridge for sale; folks it will cost us a lot more than what this Mayor is claiming. Someone needs to tell the Mayor that selling this $4 cup of coffee is going to be a lot harder than selling stale french fries at a bowling alley. We must all tell the Mayor we do not want this $4 cup of coffee that he stirred with his silver spoon. We must all vote NO on this new proposed regressive 1/2 percent sales tax increase !!!


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