Charlie Hebdo Redux

We’ll have a BIG – okay, major – announcement on the Monday Episode of Plausibly Live. You’re not going to want to miss it!

Copenhagen-gunman_3199925cAt an event billed as a “free speech” event in Copenhagen, Denmark – a Country not normally associated with violence – two people were killed and the gunman stopped dead by Police in what Danish Officials are now calling A CHARLIE HEDBO-LIKE ATTACK on the event, held at a Synagogue there. Now, while at this point, we do not “know” the details, the Police have stated that the killer was “well know to them.”

Next, we ask the simple question, what is the motivation behind these types of attacks around the globe? Is it Christians, spreading the love of Jesus? Is it Jews, advocating for Tikkun olam? Is it anarchists, shouting about the 99%? No.

We all know that the answer is the only group that as a whole can’t stand the idea of anybody disagreeing with them. The PLRI.

Witnesses report that the attacker (identified as Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein) was shouting (what else?), “Allahu Akbar!” as he unloaded into the crowd. This is a “Charlie Hebdo” type attack, which is as much as the Police coming out and saying this was an Muslim shooting people who he hated because they don’t worship the Deity the way he decided that they should. Moderate Muslims around the globe have condemned the attacker and the violence… oh wait… no they haven’t, and no serious effort within the PLRi is underway to reign it in. In fact, and I keep asking this question, when it comes to what the PLRI “believes,” who are you going to go to? The President or SOMEBODY WHO ACTUALLY PRACTICES THE RELIGION? Particularly a so-called “moderate” practitioner of the PLRI?

Consider this little factoid that you may not have known: The “Organization of Islamic Cooperation” is a 57 nation organization (hmmm… heard that number before? – Ed) that has a PERMANENT representation to the United Nations. Its job? To “safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony.” So what has this Organization done? In 2005, it held its 3rd Extraordinary Session where they officially – and presumably moderately – condemned Danish political cartoons which depicted the Prophet Mohammed. The attention they brought to the cartoons – which had never been seen in the majority of the PLRI world, resulted in unimaginable violence, death and destruction. Oddly enough the OIC puts the blame for “negative” views of Islam on the “drumbeat of negative stories” about the actions of PLRI members. But they never make the connection that they they themselves contributed to that drumbeat.

Who’s surprised?


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