Poetic Justice?

kaylamueller3Being something of a “Right-Wing” Blogger myself, I don’t think THAT KAYLA MUELLER’S DEATH WAS POETIC JUSTICE because she supported the Palestinians. Heck, I personally know Jews who “support” the Palestinians with their time and treasure in humanitarian gestures that – and they have to know this – they would not see extended to themselves if the shoes were reversed. It’s one of those things that amazes me, that there are people in this world willing to, in essence, lay their lives on the line for people that would otherwise hate and detest them and who are probably using that assistance to further their own causes. Yet these people who feel compelled by some force, be it G-d or nature, to help others in need, continue to do so even when they know that there is every chance that it could cost them their lives.

We should be inspired by such people. Not necessarily digging into their own personal politics. It’s possible (hell, it’s probable) that Kayla Mueller held Jews in disdain and loved Syrians. Fine. She was an American and she used her liberty and freedom to chose a course of action to serve people that she loved and believed that she could help.

On the other hand, there has been a great deal of criticism of the President and the Country over the fact that we “failed” to rescue her and other hostages being held by the Islamic State in the Levant – a phrase that comes from Middle English and a mere five minutes of research would inform us means “to rise,” and is what the Greeks and Romans nicknamed the area because to them, that is where the sun came from. For modern anthropologists, the name also is indicative of the rise of human civilization. It does not, as some “Right-Wing Bloggers” continue to claim, mean “Israel.”

Which  naturally begs the question as to why we – The United States – “failed” to rescue her before she was killed by the ISIL bastards who used a Jordanian airstrike to cover her death. By the by, she was also reportedly quite ill, and could have easily passed from that. Nothing at this point has been confirmed, other than her death and the criticism for the failure to rescue her. So… why did we “fail” to rescue her?

In love and in war, there are no certainties. In any case, The United States DID in fact attempt to rescue Kayla and others, but for tactical reasons which could range from political fear induced delays to the weather, that or those mission(s) failed. Until one of those folks directly involved in them decides to violate OPSEC and write a best selling novel with a $1Million advance, we won’t really have any clear idea as to what exactly happened.

The other side of the coin is that the US refused to pay ransoms to the kidnappers. There was a great deal of hubbub over James Foley’s family being threatened by the Government not to pay the ransom, and then refusing to pay it on their behalf, and then Mr. Foley being executed by the ISIL.

So is all of this critique justified? Or, are the “Right Wing” Bloggers correct in suggesting that Kayla “got what she deserved?”

I think that for me, what it uninspiring about these people who chose – of their own free will – to exercise their Liberty and go into a war zone and aid those who favor the enemy, is their presumption that because they are doing such worthwhile work, they should automatically be entitled to the Country moving heaven and hell to rescue them when they inevitably get into trouble. It’s oddly a great deal like the rich kid who expects Daddy Warbucks to come and bail him out and hush up the DUI and rape charges when he gets into a spot of trouble with the local Sheriff.

The expectation that American Soldiers should risk themselves on a dangerous and low odds mission is reprehensible. For people who claim to care about human life and safety to then turn around and expect others to place themselves in danger and risk death to save them for their own decisions is morally – and legitimately – questionable.

To demand that the American tax payer fork over millions of dollars that will then be used to kill and main ever more people in exchange for these people who decided of their own free will and liberty to go there is again, reprehensible.

Does that mean that we shouldn’t try to rescue them? No. If the opportunity presents itself, we should take it.

But until people who wish to provide whatever humanitarian help they believe that they can provide understand that it is their own responsibility to deal with whatever consequences come along as a result of their own decision, perhaps we should start a program in which those who want to go there and do this must deposit $200Million into a secure account before they go. Those fund then either can cover their ransom or the cost of rescuing them.

These days we send bills to people who cost a lot of money for getting lost or stuck in draining pipes, it only makes sense to do it for people who are going to intentionally go into a war zone – for any reason other than as a soldier to fight – so why not for these folks to? Or make the organizations the inevitably belong to, pony up the funds?

In any case, Kayla Mueller did not deserve to die, any more than the Preacher who holds rattlesnakes snakes and gets bit and dies “deserved” to die. Unless it’s Adolf Eichmann dying of Carbon Monoxide poisoning or Kim Jung Un dying of rabies, it’s not “poetic” at all. It’s just unnecessary and probably stupid.

But she DID make the decision to put her live in danger, and at the end of the day, the only person who could have prevented this from happening was Kayla Mueller.


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  1. With freedom comes with responsibility. Should someone choose to put themselves in harms way for a good cause, like our soldiers, police (yes, cops), they should be praised and honored. For someone knowingly put themselves in harms way for no good cause, like ISIS sympathizers, thrill seekers, fame chasers, there will be no sympathy from me. They have the freedom, but it doesn’t mean they should have done it.


  2. What a horrible thought to say Poetic Justice! Shame on anyone for saying that to this poor girl. She simply reached out in a compassionate way to fellow humans suffering, risking and loosing her life to scum. Not everyone in Syria or Palistine are murderous scum, may she rest in Peace.


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