The Village of Middlevale

So a little fun stuff tonight after a fairly heavy show today. This is the trailer for The Village of Middlevale, which is a bunch of people obsessed with living in the Middle Ages, which is something I find funny, but would never chose to do myself because (a) I like indoor plumbing and (b) I really want to live to at least 85, which would be highly unlikely in the Middle Ages, given the life threatening factors such the black plague and the Inquisition.

Also, one of these people is my Son-in-Law, who I love very much because he’s a great kid and he loves my daughter very much.

I won’t tell you which one, but he’s been preparing to do this all his life. Now he finally gets to pretend that he is living in a pre-third world lice and vermin infested simulation of one of the worst epochs of human history. Hey, at least they had dragons!


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  1. I just love Frank Roberts. Can’t wait for this film.


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