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US-JUSTICE-GAY-MARRIAGEThe Supreme Court of the United States will hear four cases from around the nation dealing with the issues related to Gay Marriage. Doug Johnson of the Horsesenseblog.com joins Dave to talk about the issue, and a few other questions come up along the way. One of which is whether or not this should be a States issue or a Federal issue. And, should the legal system even be involved in marriage?

Gavin Newsome has made a long expected and not-much-of-a-surprise announcement today that he is running for Governor in 2018. Are there any others out there who might run? What is Kamala Harris somehow manages to lose her race for Senator next year?

The President is seeking a full Use of Force Authorization from Congress in order to take further action – including ground troops – against ISIL. Republican leaders seem to be in favor of the idea.

First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Got Your Six campaign, a Veterans reintegration program designed to help Veterans re-assimilate into civilian life. The question is whether or not she understand Veterans or just the few she’s heard about, including Chris Kyle? Who was not a woman, which seems to be a problem in Mrs. Obama’s view.

Long time Collegiate Men’s Basketball Coach Jerry Tarkanian passes away at the age of 84. Dave saw him coach in person once at the Sweet-16 in Seattle.


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