Politically Correct Islamic Guacamole

ihatefebruaryContemplating the calendar desert that is February, Dave outlines why this month should be removed from the calendar. From it’s lack of entertainment to the faux Holiday, he says FebRUary just SUCKS!

Dave is catching the new show, Backstrom, and he likes it and the lessons learned from it; Jack White hates bananas and freedom of the press, but he loves guacamole. Political correctness and the President’s favoring of the PLRI. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, a PLRI mother is demanding that Pennsylvania change its laws for her oath in Court. 

Other Stories you may find of interest:

Leading GOP contenders from 2016 are already drawing sharp diving lines over ISIL and PUTTING BOOTS ON THE GROUND to defeat them. Senators Ted Cruz said this weekend that he opposes sending in troops… right now. Who knows what he will believe by the time the Primaries begin?

Gasoline prices are “necessarily skyrocketing.” Oddly enough, nobody in Sacramento seems to be noticing, as they still plan to raise gas taxes because of the “low prices.”

The questions continue to swirl as to the future for the Governor. WILL HE RUN FOR PRESIDENT?

In Egypt, futbol hooligans went bananas after the Government decided to allow people to attend a match (they had banned them a couple of years back because of hooliganism), but limited tickets to just 10,000. So naturally the fans RIOTED AND KILLED TWENTY-FIVE PEOPLE. So the next time somebody tells you that “Americans care too much about sports, just remind them of this.

If you have a Samsung television, you might want to SHUT UP IN FRONT OF IT.

Scotland has made it clear that they do not want their Welfare Broods being seen on camera. The BBC show, “Benefits Street” will NOT BE ALLOWED TO FILM IN A SCOTTISH TOWN.

Californian’s are SOFTENING THE STAND AGAINST MEASLES VACCINATIONS, while the Legislature debates eliminating the “Personal Belief Exemption” from vaccinations.


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