Uncle Leland and the Underground Homeless Band


Leland Yee hates free speech

Former State Senator and future Federal Inmate Leland Yee, you remember, the guy who was importing illegal Russian firearms through the New Jersey mob for his friends in the Chinese Triad Gangs to guard their outdoor, environmentally unsound marijuana grows, and using the profits to pay off campaign debt AND fund the MILFS (not what you think) to kidnap and torture Chinese and Malaysian tourists in the Philippines? Yeah, that guy. He’s in even more trouble.

The Presidents National Day of Prayer Speech is still reverberating. Did he really say what it sounds like he said?

Anybody know where all the homeless folks in Manteca went? We’ll climb into the Way-Back machine and take a look at Fun With News; and we have our first in studio interview of the new podcast show, a surprise guest who dropped by the studio the other night and had a wonderful chat.

Other stories of Interest:

The family of Misty Holt-Singh has FILED A CLAIM AGAINST THE CITY OF STOCKTON. This was expected, and will eventually lead to a full lawsuit. This is a great example of the Police being caught in the middle of crossfire. Jamie Ramos and his two dead  co-criminals, are the people who are 100% responsible for her death, but Ramos has “nothing,” and the other two are gone and buried. So the City will face the lawsuit alone, for the Police defending the Citizens against the terroristic gang bangers.

The recent bankruptcy proceeding in Stockton have revealed a whole lot about the way the City was ruin, is run and what her officials think of out of town property owners. In the piece, CONFESSION OF A STOCKTON SLUMLORD, Steve Greenhut outlines the real issues in the financial ruin of Stockton.

Turns out that under Obamacare (He that name!), debt from medical expenses IS STILL A MAJOR PROBLEM. With higher deductibles and co-pays, struggling families end up still in debt and in danger of bankruptcy. (h/t Steve Frank)

Get ready for the cost of your car registration to go up… again. A new proposal from Speaker Toni Atkins would ADD $52/YEAR TO THE COST, theoretically generating $1.8 Billion “for road repairs” around the State. She has “not decided” how the fee would be collected. The proposal is as direct response to the fall in gasoline prices, which, in case you missed it, are rising again, and the “damage” being done to State and local government revenues from the loss of taxes generated on the sale of gasoline.  I keep telling you that they are panicking. How is it, by the by, that the same people who will investigate Oil Companies for high gas prices, are so willing to keep them high for tax purposes? Oh, and if you believe that it would be spent on “road repairs,” you’re crazier than the Train…

Meanwhile, in Sacramento, that same Oil Industry has DOUBLED ITS SPENDING FOR LOBBYING EFFORTS.

ISIL is beheading even more people who it thinks are apostates. In this case it’s PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH EXECUTION METHODOLOGY. And before I get accued of being “unfair,” they did in fact also shoot a couple of them. 

How’s this for the ultimate in Public Safety hyperbole? A Senator Thom Tillis (R-SC), with his tongue planted firmly in cheek, says that once we solve the vaccination debate, we can move on to WHETHER OR NOT RESTAURANT WORKERS CAN OPT OUT OF WASHING THEIR HANDS. The problem is, of course, that he is GOP, which makes it appear that the GOP is in favor of mandatory vaccinations. Now, you can take all the foreign policy, economic policy and spending issues you want and put them over there, because IF the GOP comes out in favor of mandatory vaccinations for all citizens, they will lose whatever hard right support they have left. How about this for a compromise: keep the personal belief exemptions in place for citizens. ALL Immigrants, legal or otherwise, MUST be fully vaccinated or deported. Thoughts? 565-DAVE or dave@thedavebowmanshow.com


SI’s “Plus Sized” Model, Robin Lawley

Sports Illustrated is making waves for having a “PLUS SIZED MODEL IN THE SWIMSUIT ISSUE.” The definition of “plus sized,” seems slightly off to me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s quite beautiful, but lets not kid ourselves that she is even close to “plus sized.”

Have a great weekend, everybody. Thanks for a wonderful first week of The Dave Bowman Show – The Plausibly Live Podcast. If you have any thoughts or comments, I’d love to hear them, and I also would like to know what you want to hear about? Do you like longer segments or shorter ones? I have my own thoughts, but I’d welcome any constructive feedback.

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